julia (chilleverybody) wrote,

I forgot to post this.. awhile ago I got my (1st semester) schedule changed yet again. But I'm finally happy now. Anyway here it is.. so tell me (yeah,again, sorry!) if we have anything together.

lunch 3
public speaking/gym

this is definitely the last time I'm changing my schedule..considering school starts on TUESDAY. :0 which I am nervous about. and excited. but mostly annoyed, because I enjoy doing nothing all day. Although I do like school..I like being busy and figuring things out and studying.. and I like homework. I'm a nerd, and since I don't have a lot of friends and my only best friend, my sister, is 6 hours away, I plan on putting everything into school and making it my top priority. I want to do some activities this year, since I did absolutely nothing last year. I want to do student senate, (since my entire grade rejected me when I ran for class president) pen and ink, and maybe the school play. The fall play, definitely not the musical. Anything where I have to hold a note and dance just to get a part, I do not want to be involved in.

Okay, that's it. And everyone should rent 2001: A Space Odyssey because it's probably the coolest movie ever.
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How does one get into the Student Senate?
I'm not sure, but if I can't find out when school starts I'll ask Mr Weiss. Are you going to join?
Well I'm trying to do alot of clubs this year for colegio. So I'll be doing multiple things.