julia (chilleverybody) wrote,

In the car0 on the extremely long ride to Pittsburgh.

I think that's the Susquehanna River...

My lovely sister = the reason that this car ride took place.

Wow, could I possibly have taken a more boring picture?


Tunnel, and my daddy's forehead in the mirror..


Check out that mountain!

I had my camera turned at an angle, pressed up against the window in the middle of the afternoon for this picture. It looks like nighttime, but it had been thunderstorming all day; here you can see the sun breaking through the dark clouds. =0

Welcome to Pittsburgh!

There's the Cathedral of Learning in the background! It's so beautiful and incredibly tall, you'll see more pictures of it soon.

Finally at our destination!

Taken right outside our hotel

Look, it's the cathedral of learning again! Except it looks crooked here. Oops.

No, I don't have an obsession with this building, ok?! Look how tall it is.

A pretty fountain.

This is a renovated old hotel, now used for the school.

This panther scares me.

Hey! Gene Kelly went here!

Holland Hall, which will be my sister's dorm. Her room is on the 9th floor =0

Gotta love stairs that lead to nowhere...

Some cool building.

More buildings, etc.

And even MORE buildings, and quite a blue sky.
Pittsburgh is beautiful. If you can stand the long car ride, you should go.

Uhh, yay.

Ready?! OK!

Haha putting on lots of weird makeup is fun.

So what I had too much fun with this makeup thing..
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added you.
nice buildings. we drive up to the pittsburgh area ever year to visit my grandma. it is a looong car ride.
I know, the ride lasts forever! where does your grandma live?
butler, it's the smallest city in the world.