julia (chilleverybody) wrote,

it's that time again

My Schedule:

1st Semester:
IAG III- Jackson
Child Development II- Shallis
American Studies- Moore/Riley
Study Hall/Pop Cultures- Gibson

2nd Semester:
Latin I- Zarrilli
Chemistry- Peterson
American Studies- Moore/Riley
Fitness- Brocklesby/Lit & Philosophy- Mullen

For some reason the schedules don't say what lunches we have? But yeah, comment if we have anything together darlings!
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we're not in any classes together :(

i'm so mad i got venarchik. i REALLY wanted hacket/harrison.
aww i wanted hackett/harrison too. i wish we had classes together, but hopefully i'll still see you
I had venarchik/gibson last year. In terms of workload, interesting history lectures & activities, and the lack of a final exam, I think you'll be happy that you got them too. You'll really learn a lot. American studies was the best.

I was disappointed at first as well, but in the end I really loved it. My whole class felt really lucky; so I think you'll be fine. No worries :)
american studies hollahhh, so we have the same lunch all yeah im assuming.. awesome! and your latin teacher is my swim team coach's wife. she's cool. and is your fitness 3rd or 4th quarter??
yesss american studies/lunch! i'm so glad. hey cool about my latin teacher! and i have fitness 3rd quarter, you?
fourth oh well american studies/lunch is still pretty sweet
didn't get mine yet... because of the moving... never told them what my new address was.

but damn, i hope we have some classes together
mollly, i hope your schedule isn't lost forever.. you should go to your old house and see if they got it by accident

and we'd better have some classes together, can you say 8th grade part 2?!